Help prepare students for high-demand, well-paid career paths through CORE PLUS Construction.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions:
What is Core Plus Construction (CPC)?

CPC is an official Washington State program of study that allows high school students to explore careers in the construction industry. Students use hands-on-learning to gain real-world skills and earn graduation credits.

Core Plus Construction (CPC) was developed by the Associated General Contractors (AGC) Education Foundation, several state of Washington general contractors, together with the University of Washington, Washington State University, and Central Washington University, The goal of this work is to introduce students to careers in the construction industry through their high school courses.

This 1,080-hour program of study aims to prepare students for high-demand construction jobs throughout Washington State. Students learn real-world skills that give them an advantage in pursuing entry-level positions, apprenticeships, post-secondary certificates, or college degrees.

From materials science to estimation and bidding, the curriculum was developed to introduce students to a range of concepts through project-based learning. Students can earn third-year math, science, or English language arts credits as well as Career and Technical Education (CTE) credits necessary for graduation while staying in their construction classroom.

Additionally, a Core Plus Construction student certificate was developed with employers to provide a standardized method of documenting a student’s skill attainment. This certificate of competency defines the skills students have developed through the program and provides learners with an additional resource as they pursue employment or additional training and education. The Core Plus Construction student certificate is recognized by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) as a meaningful Industry Recognized Certificate (IRC).

CPC was created in partnership with construction industry partners. The program maintains its content and structure to reflect current industry needs. This is to ensure CPC students are learning the most relevant and needed skills to be successful in the workforce.

Are there other Core Plus Programs?

Yes! Boeing was the first to start a Core Plus Program, Core Plus Aerospace. Boeing operates this program. Core Plus Maritime is operated by the Manufacturing Industrial Council (MIC). Like CPC, the aerospace and maritime programs are driven by industry and are OSPI-approved programs of study.

Who manages CPC?

CPC is a program that was created by the AGC Education Foundation and is fully managed and operated under the Foundation. The Foundation is responsible for all framework and curriculum development, maintenance, instructor professional development, onboarding, employer engagement, student engagement, and community outreach.

CPC staff members (2.5 FTE) are employees of the Foundation. The staff maintains a Construction Workforce Steering Committee, comprised of employers, to ensure CPC is relevant to current industry needs.

As CPC is an OSPI-approved program of study, OSPI manages the logistics of how the program is integrated into the state’s education system. OSPI also provides standards’ requirements and alignment with other Core Plus programs (aerospace and maritime).

What is the cost?

CPC is a high-quality, standards-based, comprehensive construction curriculum at no cost.

In addition to being a free program, CPC classrooms are eligible to apply for state funds (iGrants) to enhance their classroom experience and provide equipment and materials that the school may not have in its budget.

Professional Development for construction educators

CPC is one of the few sources of high-quality low-cost/free professional development available for construction and building trades teachers as well as career counselors and CTE educators.

Professional development that provides STEM clock hours our construction project-based educator training focuses on the delivery of contextualized math, science, and English language arts content throughout the year offered.

Is there a list of schools that offer Core Plus Construction?

Core Plus Construction currently serves 29 counties (80 school districts and 11 Skill Centers). Full list updated July 2023,

CPC and work-based learning experiences

Some CPC classes have students who have engaged in work-based learning experiences. While we applaud this experience for students and the construction industry, these experiences are outside of the official CPC program.

What we can do: Help CPC classrooms find local contacts with construction employers for guest speakers and site visits.

CPC and Pre-apprenticeships

Recognized by L&I and the Building and Construction Trades Council as a foundation for recognized apprenticeship preparation programs, fast-tracking their application. As of 2023, 11 schools have turned their CPC classroom into a state-approved pre-apprenticeship program.

Please note! While this has been a trend, new Program Outcome standards (Aug 2023) state that at least 15% of graduates must be placed within 12 months of graduation from the pre-apprenticeship program. A standard high school program will have difficulty with this requirement and may lose its status as an Apprenticeship Preparation Program. Moving forward, we do not recommend this route for standard high schools.

What we can do: If you have students interested in pursuing an apprenticeship program, we can provide resources/contacts so you can best guide your student.

CPC and Articulation agreements

Some community colleges and certificate programs recognize CPC credits toward higher education.

We are very supportive of statewide credit articulation. This is something we are actively working on with our state partners.

Can I access content if I’m not a CPC school?

Core Plus Construction is a career and Technical Education offered at comprehensive high schools as well as Skill Centers. Access to program content is only provided CPC classrooms. 

Program Numbers

School Districts
Skill Centers

Full list of schools

Questions about starting a CPC classroom:
Is your school/classroom a good candidate?

Here are some questions to consider:

  • What course(s) would Core Plus layer over or replace?
  • What are the enrollment numbers for those course(s)?
  • Are you willing to adjust your current offerings and framework to offer a Core Plus program of study?
  • What local/regional employers would be able to hire your Core Plus students?
Walk me through the frameworks offered

2 -540 hour Skill Center Framework

3- 180 hour frameworks for use in Comprehensive High Schools

1-180 hour Middle School Framework

Credit Equivalencies – how do they work? How can teachers structure their program to provide those credits to students?

Core Plus Construction offers students the ability to earn 3rd year Math, Science, and English Language Arts delivered through contextualized hands-on learning. The AGCEF regularly offers teacher professional development focused on the delivery of equivalency credits through construction activities.

Talk to me about iGrants for CPC classrooms

There is grant funding available to support the adoption of a Core Plus Construction program. This grant is administered by OSPI through the iGrants system.

Applications for all OSSI iGrants typically become available by early August.