CORE PLUS Construction builds career paths for high school students.

CORE PLUS Construction is an official Washington State program of study that allows high school students to explore careers in the construction industry. Students use hands-on-learning to gain real-world skills and earn graduation credits.

CORE PLUS Construction provides students more options.

Today’s construction industry is different; it is a career with no dead ends. Whether a student’s passion is carpentry, safety on the job site, the environment, project management, marketing, accounting, or IT—there is a place for them in the construction industry. There is significant demand in Washington State for skilled craft and management professionals.

CORE PLUS Construction gives high school students more post-graduation pathways that include entry level positions, apprenticeships, post-secondary certificates in trade schools, pursuing college degrees, or entering the military. 

Building Futures


For Students

Do you like hands-on learning? In CORE PLUS Construction you get to explore careers such as architecture, construction, and engineering. You will earn high school graduation credits and develop real-world skills while you are in high school.

For Families

Do you want multiple options for your student after high school? Whether your student is ready to start the workforce, seek apprenticeships, higher education, or more -- CORE PLUS Construction introduces your student to the multiple construction careers that are in high demand.

For Educators

Do you want to prepare students for high demand careers? CORE PLUS Construction is an approved,certificate-based program that offers students rewarding learning paths to better prepare for when they graduate. Educators receive industry support and professional development.


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